Exclusive wire wrapped copper and silver jewelry

Thank you for visiting my "About Page"! I love natural beauty, the outdoors and God's creatures and Boho Chic jewelry. My pieces reflect the spirited and the romantic. I am an individual with a deep appreciation of beauty in all of its forms.

My work reflects both the landscape I grew up in and my interest in the underlying structure of natural objects. Growing up in Georgia, with its expansive skies, forests and beautiful surroundings, nurtured my appreciation for clean, minimal forms. The Southeast’s vast forests and skies served as a visual canvas from waterfalls, tall trees to flowers, and also the vivid colors when the seasons changed. These natural objects impressed upon me the feeling that structure itself is beauty, and the
bare bones of a form are often the beautiful parts. My work is an exploration of these structural forms building up a single line or shape into a dense mass, or distilling forms into their skeletal supports. All of my work revolves around nature: I am fascinated with the way that something made purely of hard or soft edges and angles can grow as organically as a flower. I mimic organic formations in my jewelry, constructing simple wire forms into – beautiful pieces of art.

My style is unique and elegant. My background and experience as an artist has enabled me to design and create beautiful works of art you can wear.

Each piece is uniquely designed and meticulously created by hand. No detail is overlooked. Aesthetics, in addition to durability are all considered during the design and creation process. Metal work is tumbled for strength and shine.

Since no two stones are exactly alike and each item is crafted individually, every piece is truly an original

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